Megger MFT1721 Multifunction Installation Tester Kit

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Megger MFT1721 Multifunction Installation Tester Kit

Set Contains
1x Megger MFT1721 Multifunction Installation Tester Kit

  • 1x Megger MFT1721 Multifunction Installation Tester
  • 1x Calibration Certificate
  • 1x Neck Strap
  • 1x Lead Set (3-wire lead, prods, clips and mains plug test lead)
  • 1x Megger Case
  • 1x Instructions

Everything you need in one tester, the Megger MFT1721 is an upgrade to the widely popular Megger MFT1720, adding an additional 100V insulation test range, true RMS voltage measurement, mV sensor input and Type B RCD testing. Designed with the user in mind, test selection is made quickly by using the dials on the front, no need for multiple button pushing or tricky menu navigation.

The Megger brand is associated with robust and rugged design and the MFT1721 is no exception. It's IP54 rated and can be connected across phases without any damage occurring. Drop it, bounce it or use it in the rain, the MFT1721 will still keep going. Your safety is of paramount importance in the design of this tester, therefore it won't go bang if the wrong test range is selected, or if it is connected to a live circuit by accident - even if the test button has been locked on!

This multifunction unit has a comprehensive range of electrical installation tests, ideal for the domestic and commercial electrician alike.

  • Non-Trip & High Current Earth Loop Testing - Featuring Megger's unique two wire loop testing method, you can easily carry out a non-trip L-PE test (3 wire option also available), or high current L-L / L-N test. It features a resolution of 0.01Ω and performs the PSC / PFC test at the same time, simultaneously displaying the results
  • Continuity & Resistance Testing - The MFT1721 has the option to perform a standard 200mA or low current 15mA continuity test with auto-start and a resistance range from 0.01Ω to 99.9kΩ. The buzzer is not only fast, but also has an adjustable threshold. In addition, once test leads have been nulled, the results will remain in the tester, even when it\'s been turned off
  • Insulation Test - 4 standard ranges are available, 100V, 250V, 500V & 1000V, with the test voltage being displayed alongside the resistance measurement. The buzzer threshold is adjustable and protection is built-in for live circuits up to 600V (even if the test button is locked on)
  • RCD Test - The auto RCD test feature is a must for most electricians, so the MFT1721 includes this along with the standard trip time tests. A wide range of RCD types can be tested, including AC, A, B, Selective, Programmable and 3 Phase. Finally there is a ramp test option, ideal for pinpointing the exact current that the RCD will trip
  • Other Electrical Tests - To complete the arsenal of tests, the MFT1721 includes voltage measurement from 10V to 600V AC / DC, frequency measurement from 15 - 400Hz and Phase Rotation
  • 1 Year Guarantee