Megger MFT1711 Multifunction Installation Tester Kit

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Megger MFT1711 Multifunction Installation Tester Kit

Set Contains
1x Megger MFT1711 Multifunction Installation Tester Kit

  • 1x Megger MFT1711 Multifunction Installation Tester
  • 1x Calibration Certificate
  • 1x Neck Strap
  • 1x Lead Set (3-wire lead, prods, clips and mains plug test lead)
  • 1x Megger Case
  • 1x Instructions

The MFT1711 is a great product for the domestic installer. A reliable and rugged tester, it features the basic tests required to certify installation testing requirements. The intuitive design makes it easy-to-use, simply select the required test using the dial on the front and press the test button.

A unique feature of this model is the ability to carry out a two-wire non-trip loop test, something that is currently only available from Megger testers. In addition you can carry out insulation tests, RCD tests and voltage tests.

Dust and rain proof to IP54, this tester has been designed to withstand the toughest environments, the Megger MFT1711 won't go bang if it's connected across phases, if it gets dropped or even when it's used in the rain. Protection against selection of the wrong range or accidental connection to live circuits is also included., even if the test button is locked on.

  • Insulation Tests at 250V, 500V & 1000V
  • Auto RCD tests
  • 10 mA RCD test
  • Programmable (VAR) RCD
  • Zmax
  • Audible Continuity Test
  • 2 Wire High Current & Non Trip Loop Testing
  • RCD Ramp, Trip Time Tests
  • Auto RCD tests
  • Line Input Voltage Measurement
  • Intelligent Safety System
  • Large Character LCD Display with Dual Display & Analogue Arc
  • Test Buttons on both Left & Right of the Tester
  • 1 Year Guarantee